Introducing Flexile 2.0

All major tools in one powerful extension. Transitions, effects, filters & more

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You don't need to install many extensions anymore

Flexile gives everything you need in one intuitive panel

Transitions and Effects

Your videos on higher level, thanks to modern transitions and unique effects. Add and replace transitions from single panel... more

Animation Helper

Create beautiful and smooth animations using simple tools. Edit many keyframes at once... more

Color Filters

Beautify your composition in a single click. Just like on instagram... more

GIF Creator

Create GIFs from active compostion. Choose start, end, quality and frames per second. Done!


Take screenshots in a single click. You can share your screenshots immediately through Flexile Cloud (available soon)

Copy and paste

Adobe After Effects doesn't have this function built in. Flexile gives you a possibility to copy and paste images directly into your composition.


Built-in tutorials can help you learn After Effects - improve your skills and show you some magic tricks.

Automatic updates

Each day we work on updates and correct any mistakes. Thanks to automatic updates, you won't miss new version ever again.

Flexile Cloud (available soon)

Store your files in one place. Share your work in a friendly way.

Text Animation (available soon)

Give your projects a professional look, thanks to this amazing text animation tool.

Available on computers with Windows and macOS

Adobe® After Effects® CC 2018 or newer required

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