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It is very easy to deal with high risk merchants like Matchlists, Adults, Online Tobacco etc.


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We never charge a cancellation or change fee because it's just not fair. Ask others what they do and see how we’re different.


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With our merchant you can accept all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, NFC chip cards, Apple Pay and more.


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Of course New Technologies is one of our main points. Now you can use we are accepting Apple Pay and Google Wallet


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Use our uploading system provided below to upload your merchant statement Payment Lynx Corp has multiple banking partnerships which enable us to provide competitive rates as well as a variety of payment solutions. With our various banking relationships, we can place any type of merchant account and provide the lowest rates guaranteed. So do not hesitate to send us your statement now, putting your full name and phone number! Your privacy is very important to us and always guaranteed!

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  • Mobile Payment Apps

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  • Unlimited Users

  • CVV/CVV2 Verification

  • Secure Payment Forms

  • Recurring Billing

  • Over Limit Fee

  • Batch Processing

  • Fraud Screening

  • Terminal Programming

  • Country And IP Blocking

  • Merchant Account Setup

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The issue is the cost associated with taking credit or debit cards as a form of payment. The average all-inclusive cost to use these forms of payments is 3%-4% of the gross sales. The costs vary slightly depending on where the sales are conducted i.e. retail storefront or online. Overall this is plundering your bottom-line and overall profits by as much as 20%. I can’t stop taking Cards, it will cost me Business! I have the Best Rate, fees are just part of doing Business. Sound familiar? Sure it does, because until now merchants have had to virtually surrender to the banks and card associations if they wanted to grow their business and attract more customers by taking debit and credits cards.


Low rates to save your money


Take control of your profits through our Payment Lynx Corp Program! This program allows merchants to put the cost associated with accepting credit card payments where they belong, on those who choose to use credit and debit cards for personal payments.Payment Lynx Corp chargers a flat monthly fee of $35.00 for ALL cost associated with taking a credit, or debit card from your customers. Your equipment is provided to you through leasing, or renting a terminal, Point of Sale register, or Online Virtual Terminal, which is proprietary patented technology and needed as part of the Payment Lynx Corp program.

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